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LS Body Jewelry has huge selection of Body Jewelry.
About wholesale price, Contact us via email : info@LSbodyjewelry.com

LS Body jewelry.com offers body jewelry such as banana (belly button rings), Banana add-on, barbell (tongue rings), bcr (ball closure ring), circular barbell (horse shoe barbell), tribal cut, plug, nose studs (nostril), nose bone, lip rings, captive beads, eyebrow, hole expander, septum spikes, surgical steel casting, tusk, stirrups, claws (talon), fishtail, externally (screw in balls), internally, dimple ball (clip in balls), thread ball (screw on balls) , twister, bullets, hexagons, dices, fire balls, doorknocker, unicorn, Viking clubs, spaceball, ufo ball, sunflower, cross bcr, hook, wing, curved nail, hammer (capsule barbell), light stick, segment ring, buffalo, nipple ring, nipple shield, nipple retainer, dragon claw, glow in the dark, epoxy, ptfe (Polytetrafluoroethylene P.T.F.E), silicone body jewelry, glitter, tapered plug and Nickel Free Stainless Steel body jewelry and much more.
  316L SS
  Banana :: Belly Button Ring || Barbell :: Tongue Ring || Spiral Barbell || BCR :: Captive Ring || Segment Ring || Circular Barbell :: Horse Shoe Barbell || Labret || Plug || Flesh Tunnel || Flesh Tube || Flared Eyelet || Hole Expander || Insertion Pin || Nail || Claw || Nose Stud || U-Shape || Nipple Rounder || Nipple Stirrup :: Hanger || Septum Retainer || Septum Bullet || Septum Spikes || Tusk || Internally || Bracelet :: Mega Cuff Ring || Ring || Needle || Replacement(Thread) || Replacement(Dimple)
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